Friday, July 30, 2010

RPG Elements

I told you guys that Dice Tower was going to incorporate RPG elements. How can this be done, you ask? Well, the mechanic is pretty simple but very fun (it needs to be played by more people than just myself, I admit). Each tower you build is made up of floors with 3 to 4 rooms. Random objects/monsters can appear in rooms. This is where the fun starts. As you build your tower, you need to fill each room with the appropriate dice in order to move to the next floor upward. You can only place a dice on a room if it is NOT populated with a monster dice.

I won't reveal everything about the mechanic yet, there are so much patent thiefs! Let's just say it has combat and treasure hunting.

More to come, with screen shots of course.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, I have been working on power-ups and enhancing the game mechanics a bit. You now have to collect coins that fall-off of dice that were part of a combo. You must act fast since they will disappear after some time. Each tool requires a number of coins to be used.

Talking about tools, they will have an experience counter that will increase each time you use the tool. Once the experience points reaches the required amount, the tool will have its level increased making it more powerful and cheaper to use.

Also, each die slot (where you place your die on in the tower) has a modifier number that multiplies the value of the die by, can be increased or decreased by tools or natural element dice. Fire, will cause die modifier to be reduced every minute if you don't extinguish it. Ice storm will lock your die in the slot until you use the pick tool to remove the ice. There are a lot of RPG elements like this thrown into Dice Tower.

Balancing and beta testing are scheduled very soon. Here are some images for some specialty dice:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some early screenshots

Ok, it is time today to introduce you to Dice Tower in a more visual way. I have been designing the graphics all by myself, using Inkscape and tutorials on the Internet. Yep, a programmer creating art. Art is a big word here actually.

All the graphics will be either redone or retouched to be more streamlined and more homogeneous. Lot's of work is left to be done in the visual compartment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Power Ups

What a ride. Yesterday, we have worked on implementing some additional power-up/special die type for the game. Some are pretty cool:
  • Fire (sets the whole top floor of the tower on fire)
  • Water (Extinguish fire on top floor)
  • Time Up
  • Time Down
  • Clover Leaf (Increases your luck by 10%, helps you obtain more positive bonus dice when rolling)
  • Extra Roll
  • Earthquake (Random number of top floors are destroyed)
  • Star (extra points are attributed to bonus dice matches)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A tool chest to store dice.

Today, we have added a tool chest that allow you to store special dice to help you build your tower and fight against elements of mother nature and others...

This is going to play a major role in the strategic design elements of the game. We are brainstorming on adding more tool dice that can be added to the chest.

More tomorrow...

First day

Hi all,

Today is the first day I start blogging about Dice Tower our new game that will be in beta soon. It has been in development for some time now and things are progressing really fast.

The game is about you building the highest tower possible using dice and math operations. Each floor is made up of a set of dice that must match with addition or subtraction the one dice on the floor below.

There are different game modes that includes: Casual, Time Attack and Endless. Casual lets you play each level with a timer and each level has a set number of floors to build. The Time Attack mode gives you a specific time to finish the level. And the last mode, Endless, lets you build towers as high as you want, giving you bonus points for each floor over the goal line.

You have a set number of rolls you can make per level. Your hand is made up of 6 dice. You can hold as many dice as you want and re-roll. However you only have so much rolls per level.

There are special dice that do different actions. Some are power-ups, some are bonuses, some are bad, some are good.

There are a lot of strategy involve in finishing a level.

Will continue tomorrow with more information and some early screen shots too.