Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, I have been working on power-ups and enhancing the game mechanics a bit. You now have to collect coins that fall-off of dice that were part of a combo. You must act fast since they will disappear after some time. Each tool requires a number of coins to be used.

Talking about tools, they will have an experience counter that will increase each time you use the tool. Once the experience points reaches the required amount, the tool will have its level increased making it more powerful and cheaper to use.

Also, each die slot (where you place your die on in the tower) has a modifier number that multiplies the value of the die by, can be increased or decreased by tools or natural element dice. Fire, will cause die modifier to be reduced every minute if you don't extinguish it. Ice storm will lock your die in the slot until you use the pick tool to remove the ice. There are a lot of RPG elements like this thrown into Dice Tower.

Balancing and beta testing are scheduled very soon. Here are some images for some specialty dice:

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