Monday, July 19, 2010

First day

Hi all,

Today is the first day I start blogging about Dice Tower our new game that will be in beta soon. It has been in development for some time now and things are progressing really fast.

The game is about you building the highest tower possible using dice and math operations. Each floor is made up of a set of dice that must match with addition or subtraction the one dice on the floor below.

There are different game modes that includes: Casual, Time Attack and Endless. Casual lets you play each level with a timer and each level has a set number of floors to build. The Time Attack mode gives you a specific time to finish the level. And the last mode, Endless, lets you build towers as high as you want, giving you bonus points for each floor over the goal line.

You have a set number of rolls you can make per level. Your hand is made up of 6 dice. You can hold as many dice as you want and re-roll. However you only have so much rolls per level.

There are special dice that do different actions. Some are power-ups, some are bonuses, some are bad, some are good.

There are a lot of strategy involve in finishing a level.

Will continue tomorrow with more information and some early screen shots too.


  1. Just a quick comment - we already have a show (five years old) called The Dice Tower. Just in case you want to avoid confusion.

    Tom Vasel

  2. What is your show about? I don't see what confusion you are talking about. I am open for discussions.