Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beta 3

Beta 2 was released this past Saturday and so far the new features and changes have been greeted with excitement. This is a very encouraging sign for the game. We are still tweaking the artistic style of the game as I write this. One important thing I will be working on before beta 3 is the balancing of combo multipliers and luck factoring. These are extremely important to the fun of the game. Also, a new combo will be introduced,  the "Full House".

Here is the change log for beta 3 so far:

    - Increased odds for Bomb, EarthQuake and Time Down in randomization of dice when rolling.
    - Tutorial and hints are activated now when you first launch the game.
    - In the Options menu, the "Tutorial" checkbox is now a button called "Reset Tutorial".
    - Fixed HTML help files transparency. Was showing with black background.
    - Increased the odds of Joker and Extra Roll special dice in Endless game mode.
    - Sound and music are back into the game now. Stupid little mistake on my part.
    - Changed the star particle image for better bonus animation.
    - Polished most the graphics.
    - Redone the fonts from scratch to get a more unified overall look.
    - Changed the scores UI display.
    - Added OpenFeint icon to Pause menu screen and the Title screen.
    - Fixed Enter Name button not responding to click.
    - Goal line, now moves when scrolling occurs.

Why not leave you with some cool screens of the new graphics in beta 3?


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