Friday, August 20, 2010

Beta 2 is coming soon

Quick update on the status for Beta 2 of Dice Tower.

Here is the change log as of today. Dice Tower is really shaping up to be a great and fun game.

    - Die position is higher when moved with finger.
    - Improved die movement recognition over slots.
    - Routine to verify out of moves now checks if Extra Roll die is in play but not processed when rolls left are equal to zero.
    - Moving die colour is changed to red if cannot assign to die slot.
    - New goal line graphic.
    - Can now go over goal line, all completed rows over it are extra points.
    - Increased starting number of dice rolls per level.
    - Straight combo gives you Extra Roll, Treasure or TimeUp die.
    - Fixed bomb die.
    - Fixed Joker die not changing to any value when row is finished.
    - Now show version number in Title screen.
    - Accelerometer support added. You need to shake the device quite a bit to shake the dice cup though.
    - Added a number of games played counter internally.
    - Changed the score icon to a Trophy.
    - Fixed small memory leaks.
    - New dynamic hint system implemented.
    - How To Play page is a nice transparent HTML page now.
    - Updated scoring calculations for combos and chains.
    - Increased start time to complete a tower in Time Attack mode.
    - Updated how combo chains affect scoring of each floor.
    - Fixed the Earthquake special die behaviour.
    - Number of starting rolls in endless mode is set to 6.
    - Implemented a better dice randomization mechanism.
    - Fixed multi-touch issue.
    - New OpenFeint leader boards for Time Attack and Endless mode.
    - Tons of new OpenFeint achievements added.
    - New multiplier value that accumulates when you do combos. It goes down by 1 point every 15 seconds or more depending on your luck factor (combo chains value).
    - Support for multiple combos per floor added.
    - Chest added to allow you to save dice in your inventory to re-use later on.

There are still a few things left to do before it will be released. I am planning on getting it out tomorrow if all goes well.

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