Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dice Tower beta 4

Finally, beta 4 was released yesterday. This one is the last step towards the ultimate goal of submitting to Apple. However, I have flirted with some publishers lately and will need to send them a build of the game and see what they have to offer first. This game has great potential and I already have some neat ideas for future updates to add more RPG elements to the game.

Here is what changed since beta 3.

    - iOS 4 fastapp switching support added.
    - Faster web view loading times.
    - Fixed name entry field in iOS 4.
    - Fixed hint system issue with multiple hints one after the other.
    - Removed FPS counter from release builds.
    - Fixed lots of documentation and hints.
    - Fixed rectangle drawing routine.
    - Added icons to most buttons.
    - New step-by-step tutorial.
    - Roll button badge does not track presses anymore. Should be easier to press roll button.
    - Fixed Continue button to be disabled on Title screen.
    - OpenFeint notifications appear from the top of the screen now.

Why not give you some more screenshots while we are at it? I have improved the artworks once more for this latest beta.

Doesn't the icon look beautiful next to the iOS4 Game Center icon?
The loading screen in action...
The title screen with the new button icons. It still says version 0.3 on this screen but it is really 0.4.
Dice Tower comes with a great online help designed in HTML and easy to access anytime.

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